What is Cambium?
Cambium is Easy to Find
The cambium layer is found right beneath the bark on any tree.
Cambium Studio is located in Brooklyn, NY.

Cambium is Responsive
Cambium cells can transform into different tissue (e.g. xylem or phloem) depending upon the tree's specific needs of the moment.
Cambium Studio listens to client's needs and offers appropriate design solutions.

Cambium is Collaborative
When two trees are grafted together, it's the cambium layer of each that is joined.
By working together with client, we find ideal responses to their needs.

Cambium is Creative
When a tree grows, it happens in the cambium layer. Cambium cells are responsible for increasing the girth of stems, branches and the trunk, eventually becoming the annual growth rings that mark time.
Cambium Studio produces work that occupies both the art and furniture worlds.

Cambium is Strong
Cambium cells are the building blocks for a tree. They provide the physical structure that holds the tree up off the ground giving it its strength and flexibility.
Cambium Studio produces work that incorporates strong joinery, careful material selection and durable finishes resulting in lasting quality for generations.

It is this appreciation and respect for nature that informs Cambium Studio's ever expanding collection of work.